Our Story

rsz_lasn_1Los Angeles Sports Nation is a Los Angeles sports news and information website that is a member of the Wegryn Enterprises network. Los Angeles Sports Nation was founded in December 2017.

The site is currently managed by Founder Ricky Wegryn, Chief Operating Officer Josh Liles, and Chief General Manager Ben Rudnick.

Back to its origins, founder Ricky Wegryn grew up a sports fan in one of the most grueling cities in the country of Philadelphia, PA. Since age 5 Wegryn was always known for being the first of his friends to hear and share news pertaining to his beloved Philadelphia sports teams. From insisting to his dad that they watch the bricks be laid to the Eagles’ new stadium to witnessing Brad Lidge strikeout the final batter of the 2008 World Series, it was clear that this all was more than just sports for Wegryn – it was about the experience. And being born and raised in a city where the sports teams come before religion, he understood first-hand how important it is to fans that they get to experience all assets of their favorite team.

Fast Forward to December 2010 to find young fan Wegryn watching the Eagles comeback and eventually defeat the Giants at Miracle at the Meadowlands II. With Wegryn being as passionate a fan as he was, he did as any other 14-year old boy would do and went on his Facebook to commemorate the event of DeSean Jackson’s legendary punt return by creating a page called Desean Jackson’s Punt Return against the Giants – 12/19/10. The page exploded immediately, gaining 10,000+ likes within 48 hours and 63,000+likes in under a month. Wegryn quickly realized that this commemoration wasn’t for just one-time event; he now had full access to 60,000+ who were in some shape or form fans of Philadelphia sports.

In combination with the great audience that the page had gained and Wegryn’s love of Philadelphia sports, he decided to create other similar Facebook pages under the name of “(TEAM) Nation” name. Each Team Nation page would be responsible for providing updates, news, and just general information about that specific Philadelphia sports team on that page. As mentioned previously, Wegryn was a fan of all Philadelphia sports teams since early on in his life. Along with the Facebook pages being a place for Philadelphia sports fans to gather information about their favorite teams, they also acted as a place for him to share his passion with other fans of the teams around the nation and the world.

After creating the Facebook pages Wegryn furthered his mission to enhance Philadelphia sports fans’ experiences around the world, posting images, videos, updates, and anything pertaining to the team that he could get his hands on on the Internet, continuously posting the content across the pages whenever he could. And within 18 months, the audience for the 6 “Philadelphia Sports Nation” pages had accumulated 75,000+ fans.

As the Philadelphia site continued to grow, Wegryn recognized that passionate fans don’t only exist in his hometown; they are everywhere, around the country and the world. That’s the great thing about sports – it is the ultimate force for bringing people together wherever they are.

Wegryn advanced on this realization and knew that he could mimic the same process of which he started Philadelphia Sports Nation with sports media sites in other cities. In 2015, he just did that and created the second site of the WE family, Chicago Sports Nation, following the same process from which he had built up PHLSportsNation – social reach, information updates, and recruitment. Within a year’s time, CHISportsNation’s viewership statistics became comparable to that of its predecessor in PHLSportsNation. And with his initial realization well still in mind, he continued to go about the same process again with more sites to add to the WE network in Dallas (Dallas Sports Nation) and Los Angeles (Los Angeles Sports Nation).

Wegryn hopes to continue to repeat this process and add more sites to the Wegryn Enterprises network until every professional sport in the country and the world is covered by a WE outlet.

Our Mission

tiU0fNv4_400x400.jpgOur Mission is to be the go-to place for everything Los Angeles sports, serving the Southwest, West and worldwide.

We offer our viewers, the most fanatical sports fans in the world, the ability to share ideas, absorb information and rant with impunity. We offer the latest news and everything you will need to know about your favorite teams in Los Angeles. Through Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress and more, we are committed to keeping our fans up to date on all things Los Angeles sports and enhancing your Los Angeles sports fan experience.

Disclaimer: This sites entirety is strictly for informational and entertainment purposes, and is in no way affiliated with the Los Angeles Angels, Chargers, Clippers, Dodgers, Ducks, Galaxy, Kings, LAFC, Lakers, Rams, or any other team in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS, AHL or AFL. Our site also claims no rights to the trademarks of any of these teams. Regarding our writers: the views and opinions of the staff writers expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the Los Angeles Sports Nation team or any of its other staff writers or employees. – Copyright © 2018 Los Angeles Sports Nation (LAXSportsNation.com) – All Rights Reserved.